Virtual Reality For Elderly

Mind Palace provides an opportunity for long-stay residents in the nursing home, who may be immobile, to experience the world in virtual reality (VR) technology; keeping their mind and bodies engaged.

Welcome to Mind Palace

Using customized VR technology, we virtually transport nursing home residents to places familiar to them such as their old homes or neighborhoods. At times, incorporating family members in VR scenes may help them remember or relieve social isolation and expand their physical boundaries.

Immersive Rooms

As an alternative to wearable VR goggles, we have converted entire rooms into immersive interactive environments. Interaction with fitness and meditative experiences is done via motion sensors and are contactless, reducing the risk of spreading of potential viruses.

In the Press

Today, we have conducted over 500 trials and built 3 permanent immersive rooms at eldercare facilities including NTUC Health, Ling Kwang Home, Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital and Society for the Aged Sick.

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